Dustbox 5 of 12: 1993 Plymouth Sundance Duster

This next car is number 5 of 12 in a special feature we are doing inspired by a vintage Car and Driver article that covered cars offered for new in 1992 for less than $10k and had air conditioning, a rear defroster, and an AM/FM radio. These economy cars compact economy cars were ranked by a random group of college kids and this is number 5. How did a Plymouth Sundancer beat a Ford Escort or Mazda 323 at anything? Seriously. Who made these rankings. Find this 1993 Plymouth Sundance Duster offered for $3,988 in Norman, OK via autotrader.com.

The Sundance was part of the Chrysler P-platform, which was a derivative of the K-platform that combined the Dodge Daytona’s suspension with the Dodge Lancer body. Other notable P-cars include the Chrysler Shadow and the Shelby CSX. It was garbage all of it. Even the Shelby version.

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