Duke Boys Go To LeMans: 1971 Fiberfab Avenger GT

Hidden in the archives of Duke family history is the little known story of the time that Bo and Luke went to LeMans for a 24 hour endurance race. The General Lee couldn’t pass the FIA safety standards (doors must open and close unless the car is a roadster) so they borrowed Cooter’s aircooled VW powered Fiberfab Avenger GT and headed to France. Of course they got involved in a criminal scheme masterminded by Jefferson “Boss” Hogg’s French cousin Pierre Hueg and chaos ensues, but they won the race and got the girl(s). Find this 1971 Fiberfab Avenger GT offered for $16,500 in Perkasie, PA via ebay motors.

From the seller:

If You want to own a car that you can park next to ANYTHINGand still be able to attract attention, this is the car! It is an Avenger bodyfrom the 1960’s (originally titled, and called a 1971 Ford GT. People admire this car everywhere it goes. and thecameras always come out. The build was done years ago an enhanced and upgradedquite a bit over the years. “It has just the right amount of ageing, andlooks great.”

The exterior:graphics have been all chosen to keep within the 1969″ race winning theme.There are lots of custom and special parts to this build. The custom EMPI headerexhaust really exit the body, through stainless steel tips. The vintageAmerican Racing Wheels with spinners,wrapped with Cooper Cobra” tires add to the allure and finish thepackage. There are a few paint chips andminor body cracks but all add to thegreat patina. The outside mirrors areone-off, and not only look the vintage part, but were fabricated to be used.The body is built on a Custom Chassis. The car drives, stops and handles like a40″ high car (and yes it really is only 40″ high). The tread on thetires is very good to excellent, however they are older, although I don’t seeany cracks. The jack lift bars in thefront bring the look back to the 1960’s,The side scoops are functional.

The interior hasa lot to talk about too: The door locks now operate and open the doors. Thewindows are power actuated and the buttons are in the middle of theconsole, and operate at the full travelat they were designed (which is about 3/4). The console also houses gauges thatare easily seen by the driver, It hasbody color 5 pt. “Harness” style seat belts that add to the racingtheme. Steering is lead by a Ford GT40 inspired wheel. The seats are”Hounds tooth,” and really look the part as the material is right outof the 1960″s. The foot pedals are aluminum, and it even has AM/FM radio. Hurst”T” shifter handle helps do the selection of gears. Even the aluminum rear view mirror adds to theracing heritage look.

Lightning:Mustang LED third member light, Aftermarket Headlights with LED bulbs, LED bulbs in tail lights, LED lowerparking/turn lights And LED side markers too.

Brakes: duelmaster cylinder, EMPI front disc brakeconversion, finned rear drums

Engine : DuelWebber 2v carburetors, air cooled VW, electronic ignition, Headers, electricfuel pump and alternator.

Wiring is done through a : GM wiring harness and headlight switch

The car drives, stops and handles, there is a misfire occasionally which seemsto be coming from the carburetors. Thewipers do not work. This car will only need a little tinkering to bring it tothe next level, and really nice road car. Come and check it out or have your mechanic check it for you.

I will be adding more pictures later. This car is priced tosell at only $16,500, two wereadvertised last year in the $30K range, and I think this one is nicer

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

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