Battle Worn Chariot: 1991 Saab 900 Sedan

Hark, mortals! I, Thor, God of Thunder, bring tidings of a most impressive chariot. Behold, the Saab 900, a true warrior of the road. With a striking red exterior and a manual transmission, this steed is sure to attract attention wherever it travels. Fear not its mileage, for it has traversed the great distances of 230,000 miles with ease. Its 2.1L engine roars with power, and the transmission shifts smoothly like the wind. Yet, like any battle-worn veteran, this Saab bears the scars of its journeys. The trunk driver side floor has a hole, and the passenger front fender requires some attention due to rust. Additionally, there are dents in each front fender, and though the ABS light is on, the manual brakes remain steadfast. Mortals, heed my words: this Saab is a rare gem, and its value cannot be overstated. Contact its current owner forthwith to test its mettle and to claim it as your own. But be warned, for with its sleek red armor and impressive mileage, this Saab shall not tarry long in the mortal realm. Find this 1991 Saab 900 Base 16V sedan offered for $3000 via Tip from BP.

From the seller:

1991 Saab 900 Base Sedan (Posted 2/8/2023) Share this Saab-> Share this Saab by Email

Color: Red Trans: Manual Mileage: 230,000 Price: $3000
1991 Saab 900 Base 16V. 230k, Manual transmission. This is a solid car that runs well. It has the 2.1L engine and shifts through the gears fine. I fixed some items on it and am now moving on to another SAAB project. Pros: Lots of recent work done: new tires; new brake pads and rotors; new wheel bearings; new cat-back exhaust; new alignment; new outer tie rods and boots; new lower ball joints; new alternator; new steering wheel plastic bushing; recent polish (could still use another round however); new headliner, new foglights and new SAAB SCANIA emblems. Cons: As seen in the photos, a couple areas of rust – trunk driver side floor has hole, passenger front fender will need attention.; The frame rails look ok, but I would get this car undercoated asap to stop any further rust; also dents in each front fender; ABS light is on, but the manual brakes work fine. I have some flexibility in price. I cannot respond to questions only asking if the car is available. Thanks!

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