You’re so nice: 1966 Honda C100 Super Cub

If you mentioned that you rode a motorcycle in the late 50’s at a cocktail party, you would soon be staring at your drink all by your lonesome.  Due to Marlon Brando, et. al., the motorcycle rider was seen as a leather jacket wearing hoodlum that rumbled with his fellow riders on Friday nights with switchblades.  Leave it to a Japanese company and its U.S. advertising agency to make owning and riding a motorcycle acceptable amongst right-thinking people.  Find this 1966 Honda Super Cub for sale in Granite Falls, CA for $1,450 via craigslist.

The “You Meet The Nicest People on a Honda” marketing campaign, was, besides genius in changing  market perception, a sales success as well.  In 1961, prior to the launch of the campaign, American Honda sold 40,000 bikes.  By 1970 Honda was selling 500,000 units annually in America.  The ad campaign along with the sponsorship of the 1964 Academy Awards where American Honda spent $300,000 on airing the “Nicest People” commercials was the main driver.  The product they were selling to the respectable set was the Honda Super Cub.  The Cub was a step through motorcycle originally designed to be cheap and easy to manufacture for sale in developing nations.  It went on to become the most produced motorcycle and is still in production today.  Thru 2014, 87 million have been produced.  In the Nicest People campaign it was marketed as a lifestyle consumer product vs. an enthusiast product that would drop oil stains on your drive and throw chain lube on your clothes.

Honey, you left the seat up...

This Super Cub is a C100, it is powered by a 49cc overhead valve air cooled single, producing around 4 hp.  It put the power down to the road with an automatic three speed transmission that you could operate wearing wingtips.  Note how the chain is enclosed to keep the greasy stuff off you and there’s a fairing to keep the bugs off your dress.

This bike looks to be in a good rider condition and comes with some spares including and original Honda luggage rack with clip on shopping basket.  Additionally, it comes with a title and classic WA license plate, so you can ride it to the shops immediately.

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