Your Own Beat-up: 1987 Ford Tempo AWD

By Matt — In the 1980’s, Ford USA was in the process of putting together an FIA Group B rally program to rival the RS2000 project from across the Atlantic. With an all-iron single-turbo 2.8 liter V6, four driven wheels, and a tufted velour front bench, the homologation Tempo was planned for a limited production run of 500. Ford, not able to make the close ratio dog-leg 5 speed transaxle and locking center differential live in rally conditions, abandoned all but the homologation special, with all performance-oriented features deleted except the AWD system. I hope you’ve enjoyed this completely falsified, revisionist history. Find this 1987 Ford Tempo AWD with absolutely no racing pedigree, for sale in Denver, CO for $750.

 The Tempo pictured here is awaiting purchase by its final owner. The ad says “needs nothing to start driving” but he never finished the sentence. The rest of it surely was meant to read “sideways over the top of rocks and saplings at your friends farm while doing triple downshift kickdowns” but he must’ve accidentally left that part off. That would’ve been a major selling point for anyone searching either ‘Tempo’ or ‘AWD’ on craigslist. The Tempo was available with a few different methods of turning fuel into sadness and noise. In this case, the car was optioned with the 2.3 Pinto four and a slushbox.

Unfortunately, there are no engine or interior shots included but what’s the purpose at this price point? To confirm that indeed the interior has been completely shredded by a pack of wild toddlers and the oil and dung-caked motor looks like a gigantic burnt rump roast sitting beneath its faded bonnet?

See a better way to march to your own beat-to-hell?

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