You Want How Much? 1971 Opel Manta

This next car comes from tipper Erik202 who writes: I always think its funny when ads don’t have a price but do contain enough info to steal the seller’s identity (or i dunno at least apply for a credit card in their name) This guy probably did it because there is also an app for Kijiji that allows messaging and he didn’t want all the messages from people telling him there is no way his opel is worth whatever he’s asking for it. Anyway, even tho there is no price listed it can’t possibly be higher than the DT cutoff. Personally I think it is because this guy is sick of having people low-ball his asking price 24-7, because that seems to be the full time occupation of some craigslist/kijijiji readers. The only thing I’d change on this listing (other than posting a pie-in-the-sky price) is to take a photo without so much snow on the hood. Find this 1971 Opel Manta offered for an undisclosed sum of cash in Alberta, Canada via

From the seller:

1971 Opel manta
Runs and drives
Comes with spare parts and a parts car
Price discussed in person
Email is best

See a better way to start (or add to?) your Manta collection?