You Little Trucker: 1966 Austin Mini turned Kenworth

The long term effects of amphetamines and barbiturates, the tool of the 1970’s trucker, and a dabble of LSD can be studied using this rolling Rorschach test. Likely devised while licking the last bit of truck-stop cheese grits from the bowl in a 4AM meth-and-Jolt induced fog, this rig, let’s call it the Waste-ern Star, was comprised of one half Austin Mini and one half of a lifetime of bad decisions. Find this 1966 Austin Mini turned Peterbilt on craigslist in Dallas for an undisclosed price.

Though possibly reversible, this conversion of this BMC into a hallucination realized is quite thorough. From the oil drum gas tanks to the 5th wheel made of a cable spool, no stoned was left unturned. The possibility of stripping off all of the doo-dadery and making this into a rollback for microcar and moped procurement does sound like an appealing proposition.

You won’t be hauling any substantial loads or ass with the standard BMC A series, however, you may find comfort in the horn being larger than the engine. Well, one of the horns. There are a whole gaggle more on top, between the clearance lights pulled from grandad’s tarted up F-150. I wonder if at some point there was a trailer made from a Vanagon or enclosed go-kart hauler.

The interior didn’t escape the tirade, however, compared to the rest it’s not that bad. It’s a little bit of a bummer that there’s not a sleeper cab but that’s for everyone’s benefit, ultimately. Given there’s no price listed, one could assume that it could be bought in chewing tobacco, beer jerky, and caffeine pills.

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