You ain’t nothin’ but a bearcat: 1966 Suzuki Bearcat

Early 60’s scramblers from Japan are a strange breed.  Kinda like today’s soft-roader CUV’s: they look off-roady, but if you really used them off-road, they frankly suck.  But from an aesthetic point, they look the business as a vintage off road machine ready to take on the Baja 1,000.  Find this 1966 Suzuki B105P Bearcat for sale in Denver, CO for $950 via craigslist.

Tip from Zach Z.

Early Japanese tiddlers followed the formula of a stamped steel backbone chassis, vs. welded tube frame of the “serious” European bikes.  This made a big old skid plate necessary to protect the exposed motor.  On this bike, the owner has removed the plate as “it looks better”.  I wasn’t able to find much info on the Bearcat.  It was part of a family 118cc two stokes sold by Suzuki in the mid-60’s.  I can’t ever recall seeing one.  Seems like it is another example of “just because it is rare, doesn’t mean it’s valuable”.

The mileage indicated on the speedo is 3,400, but it is broken so who knows.  You could spend your time restoring this project with the included pile of worn out parts and Haynes Manual and have the only one in your town.  Not sure what that notoriety gets you in the end, other than something that might be fun to fumigate the cul de sac with on nice days.

Missing from the ad is my most important fact about a street-able bike.  Does it come with a title?  If not, have fun with the DMV…

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