Wrangler Swap Needed: 1968 Fiat Dino Project

The Fiat Dino should not be confused with the Dino 206/246 — although they both share the same compact Ferrari Dino V6 powerplant.  The Dino 206/246 is a mid engine classic that costs as much as a beachfront cottage (you pick the locale…) while a Fiat Dino will cost you a swampfront cottage…or less if you find one that has been stored in an actual swamp.  Find this 1968 Fiat Dino Project in Clearwater, FL via craigslist for “make offer”. Tip from Davery.

This Dino is offered sans engine or transmission, but it appears to have suspension, interior and glass — perhaps it just needs a creative engine transplant to get back on the road?  What about a Pentastar V6 from a Chrysler 300/Jeep Wranger?  You might think this a strange swap until you remember that Fiat owns a majority share of Chrysler, so this is an in-the-family swap with the same number of cylinders.  Seems like a no brainer.

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