Woiperdinger Estate: 2007 Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon

The CLK63 AMG we posted yesterday was certainly one of the least common AMG built cars to arrive on these shores with numbers in the low triple digits per year — but this next car was imported in the double digits for the 2007-2009 model years.  The CLK63 may have been a unicorn, but the E63 AMG wagon is a real woiperdinger. Find this 2007 Mercedes E63 AMG Estate Wagon here on eBay offered for $25,300 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Tampa, FL.

Sales in the US of the E63 AMG wagon are published around the web in various places, but the consensus seems to be 67 for 2007, 62 for 2008, and 24 for 2009.  If you see one for sale and like the color…you’d better act quickly because it might be your only chance, at least until the next owner gets sick of the tire & fuel bills.

Just where does all that exhaust and tire smoke come from?  The same 6.2 liter M156 V8 that is found in all manner of -63 badged AMG rocketships, and in the wagon it is rated at 507 horsepower at 6800 rpm and 465 ft-lbs of torque.  These are complicated (and expensive engines) so pray that nothing unexpected happens during your time at the helm.

The jade green exterior color is nice, but one has to wonder why anyone would want that shade of bandaid tan all over the inside of your car — the steering wheel is a particularly repugnant (but complimentary) shade of high school gym locker.  Several different shades of (faux?) wood are inexplicably added to this cacophony of hearing aid beige.

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