White Walls, Black Vinyl: 1979 Ford Granada

As a vintage Mustang owner, my own exposure to the Ford Granada is limited to scavenging parts for the rear end.  Early Mustangs were often equipped with 8 inch pumpkins and always had drum brakes in the back, but Granada (and Lincoln Versailles) featured a 9 inch rear with disc brakes.  Getting that fancy rear end into your 67 Fastback was as easy as heading to the nearest pick-n-pull where Granadas littered the yard like groupies at a Kiss concert — a few custom brackets, and presto you were in business.  Little did I know, but you could actually find a Granada outside of the confines of the nations scrap yards, like this 1979 Ford Granada offered for $1700 in Arcadia, FL via craigslist.  Tip from dascpcu.

The American 1975-80 Granada should not be confused with the European Ford Granada, but the domestic version was based on the Maverick/Comet platform. The Granada name looked like it was getting canned at the end of 1980, but it got a short reprieve and lived on the Fox platform from 1981-82.

Under the hood is a  250 cubic inch Thriftpower (which was neither thrifty nor powerful) inline-6 that pushes out something like 98 horsepower and 210 ft-lbs of torque.  Prepare to be un-amazed as you cruise to 60mph in the 15 second range all the way to a 90ish mph top speed.

The interior in this thing is classic 70s crap from the Ford catalog of interior parts — the square speedometer looks more like a clock, and you will wonder how many fake trees had to perish for each one of these that left the factory.

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