White Sneaker: 1997 Mercedes-Benz S320 W140

If you are going to get a big boss S-Class Mercedes-Benz, you might be tempted to get it with some kind of twin turbo V12 or whatever gigantic gas-smasher engine Benz offered as the premium of the premium offering. But that could be a mistake. Even ignoring the price of fuel, those V8s and V12s and supercharged things are about as reliable as vending machine sashimi. However, Mercedes-Benz usually offered their S-Class with one of their old-reliable big inline-6 motors. Those things will chug along for miles with an occasional oil change and it’s not like you are taking your S-Class to a track day. Sometimes, sensible is better. Find this 1997 Mercedes-Benz S320 W140 offered for $12,900 in Houston, TX via usacarexpo.com. Tip from Jeff G.

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