When A Moon Hits Your Eye: 1978 Amore Cimbria SS Kit Car

Do you know whats better than a million bucks?  Having a car that looks like a million bucks but cost you less than a used Kia.  Better still is a car that’ll have even the most well read car guy scratching his head when you drive by and THAT, my friend, is worth a million bucks if you ask this guy.  You can read all about the Cimbra SS by Amore in this old DT article that is probably full of conjector and innuendo…what else is new/old? Find this 1978 Amore Cimbria Kit Car offered for $3,500 in Huntsville, AR via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1978 1978 Amore Cimbria Kit Car (VW) 

condition: fair 

cylinders: 4 cylinders 

drive: rwd 

fuel: gas 

odometer: 15502 

paint color: yellow 

title status: clean 

transmission: manual 

type: other 

I have a 1978 Amore Cimbria Kit Car (VW)

This car starts, runs, and drives.

People will stop you, just to ask what it is and if they can

look at it.

1834 VW motor, new gas tank. windshield has bad cracks, but we have 

a large piece of plexiglass that can be cut for a windshield that goes with it.

We have to many rides, and one has to go.

Can be seen in Huntsville, Ar.


First come!

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