When Life Gives You A Lemon: 1982 Ferrari Mondial

The Ferrari Mondial was launched in 1980 with Pininfarina styling and 2+2 seating in a mid-engine layout. Nominally the Mondial would have a body-on-frame setup with a Carrozzeria Scaglietti built steel body sitting on top of a steel box-section spaceframe that is connected to the engine / transmission / suspension…if you had those things.  Find this 1982 Ferrari Mondial project offered for $3,500 in Middle Island, NY via craigslist.  Tip from Greg.

The more I read this advertisement, the more I am convinced that this is just the body without the spaceframe — but that doesn’t matter because you aren’t going to restore this thing to its former glory…at least in a conventional sense.  

The original 3.0 liter V8 putting out 208 horsepower sounds lame on paper, but those Ferrari engines always sound glorious…however, the logical thing to do is to drop this body on a Fiero GT chassis with supercharged V6. I’d say that if you really want to impress the judges at the next 24 Hrs of LeMons event, drop this on a VW Beetle pan and run the cheatiest Beetle engine you can find.  Although…I do wonder what other cars have a 104 inch wheelbase…

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