When Aircraft Design Met Van Life: 1966 Ultra Van

This next car comes as a tip from ME who writes: I got curious about Corvair campers, found this site with a few for sale. Oh boy. What did we just find. The UltraVan (aka Travalon, Ultra Coach, and Tiara) was a series of motor home conversions built on the Corvair chassis. Why the Corvair? Well..the long story is here on the Ultra Van website, but the short version is that the flat-rear engine setup allowed for a standup motorhome interior without becoming huge and the designer was a Boeing engineer who used a spar-and-skin style construction to keep the weight down (like an old airplane). The result was that you didn’t need a heavy duty giant engine or anything bigger than 14-inch wheels to get these adorably cute things up to highway speeds and around the country. Find this 1966 Ultra Van offered for $3,500 in Southwestern Michigan via ultravan.org.

From the seller:

1966 Corvair Ultra Van #218 – $3,500 (southwestern Michigan)
Corvair powered.

Ultra Van #218 had a brush with Mother Nature and will need some work to the roof to get it back on the road. It has been stored inside. The interior cabinets are partially removed. It comes with with all known parts, etc.

It will need to be transported

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