What The Frank? 2000 Jaguar XJ 454V8 Turbo

The trick with a turbocharger is to make the compressor (that is the cold intake size) big enough that it flows the desired air you need to make your power target and the turbine small enough that it spools at a reasonable rpm (before your engine blows up…for instance). Or…you could just strap on a turbo from a diesel mine truck and hope it’ll work with a 454 cubic inch Chevy V8 you borrowed from a truck and welded into the front of your Jaguar. Find this 2000 Jaguar XJ 454V8 Turbo offered for $3000 in New Port Richey, FL via facemelting turbobook.

From the seller:

2000 Jaguar XJ
Listed 21 weeks ago in New Port Richey, FL
About This Vehicle
Driven 1,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Black
Seller’s Description
2000 Jaguar XJ · Sedan · Driven 1,000 miles

2000 Jaguar x308
Big block Chevy 454,
90 mm turbo,
th400 transmission.
Mainly looking to trade. Let me know what you have, cars or trucks no boats. Price is NOT 3k FB is being difficult lol

LS swap,

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