What The Hell Time Is It?

Having a hard time keeping track of the day?  Find yourself falling asleep on your creeper because it is past your bedtime but you didn’t know?  Want a clock that will require regularly telling people: “Sorry, I was working on this POS car that I found on DT and lost track of time because of this POS DT Clock.”  Great!*  Get your own DT clock for $30 via our society6 page.

Think $30 is too much to spend on a clock?  Yeah…me too…so here is DIY $5 version of the DT clock.  Buy one ikea RUSCH wall clock for $1.99 (it is called RUSCH because it is so crappy you’ll always be RUSCHING to get places when you figure out what the real time is…)- and while you are at it, pickup some SYLT HJORTRON cloudberry jam by the case…mmm delicous.  Anyway, put down the cloudberry jam long enough to pop the RUSCH clock case apart like DIY website hometreeatlas.com says to do.  Then, print out one HI-RES (why all the CAPS today? I DON’T KNOW, I JUST FEEL LIKE IT) photo of the DT man from this link here on your printer.  Cut and glue it into shape for the ultimate sub $5 DT wall clock. 

 *DT assumes no liability for you missing important appointments including, but not limited to; College exams, gynecological exams, job interviews, birth of a twins, used volvo test drives, bingo night, bongo night, freegan Friday behind your local TGIF aka TGIFF, AA meetings, AAA meetings, American National Standards Institute’s yearly meeting on updating the standards for battery size/nomenclature (I’ve been trying to crash this meeting and DEMAND the reinstatement of the B-sized battery for the past decade…), birthdays, 1/2 birthdays and so on…