What Did You Do? 1965 Chevrolet Corvair

Ah, the Corvair.  A classically styled beauty with an aircooled flat-6 out back and independent suspension all around…whoa, there dude, you are thinking about the Porsche 911, because the Corvair has a conventional watercooled V8 mounted up front and a stick beam axle out back...like this 1965 Chevrolet Corvair here on eBay bidding for $5,200 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go, located in Miami, FL.

With all of the Novas, Chevelles and Camaros floating around in various states of disrepair, I can’t fathom the reason why anyone would tear into a Corvair and transform it from the oddball rear-engine thing it was and into a conventional setup…but to each his own, I guess.  

Between the front wheels is this Chevy 305 V8…why on this green earth you would ever chose the 305 when doing a conversion like this is completely outside of my comprehension.  The 305 was the bastard stepchild of the small block 350 and you might as well just put a dang Ford engine in this thing if you enjoy low power and poor reliability.  Sheesh.  With some modification the 305 can make decent power and last for many miles, even with the radiator cap shoved in a section of radiator hose…where doe you suppose the builder put the radiator?

Inside we see a manual gearbox…wait…scratch that, it is just a stupid looking shifter mated to some slushbox that puts power to an S-10 pickup-up rear end…which makes sense because the car is lifted like a 4X4. Honestly, the custom two-tone paint job isn’t that offensive and the Z/28 Camaro rims look okay (if you are into that kind of thing).

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