What Am I? The Whole Enchilada

Welcome to another edition of DT’s cure for the Monday morning blues — What Am I?  In this better than forgetting to wear pants on Black Friday game

we find a random picture of a car and you get to guess what it is. 
Last week’s puzzle was a photo of the rear seat of the funky VW DoKa and solved by Andrew and Zack. This week it is time for another oddball, but this time I’ll just show you the entire vehicle.  Just what am I anyway? Update with answer.

Comments below.  Jim found this car in just a few minutes, this is a 1959 Falcon Caribbean Mark III kit car built on a 1951 Anglia chassis.  Find it here on eBay offered for the bargain price of $6,500 CDN, located in Port Alberni, BC, Canada.

See a better way to hide your vintage Anglia greasy bits? tips@dailyturismo.com