What Am I? Topless Edition

Welcome to another edition of DT’s cure for the Monday morning blues — What Am I?  In this better than winning a wing eating contest for termites on the spruce goose game

we find a random picture of a car and you get to guess what it is. 
Today’s featured image comes from a advertisement for a car you don’t see very often.  Just what am I anyway? Comments below. Update with answer below.

DT regulars Andrew Liss and Fleetwood T Brougham (what were his parents thinking…no middle name, only an initial) simultaneously solved the riddle — with the photo replay showing Andrew Liss by a nose.  And what a keen nose it is, he must have smelt the wiff of failure on this 1981 AMC Eagle Sundancer convertible offered for $6,900 in Cardiff, CA.

image from http://amcsundancer.wordpress.com/2014/03/15/1981-82-amc-eagle-and-concord-sundancer-convertible/

The Eagle Sundancer was a coach built convertible version of the 4X4 Eagle coupe, with top hacked off by Griffith of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  It was the domestic equivalent of the Toyota Celica Sunchaser and sources on the interwebs claim only 200 exist. 

Yet another example of DT’s readers surprising the world with their AMC savantism.  See a car worthy of the “what am I?” challenge?  Send it here: tips@dailyturismo.com