What Am I? Pumpkin Craving

Welcome to another edition of DT’s cure for the Monday morning blues — What Am I?  In this better than a 9-inch pumpkin pie game

we find a random picture of a car and you get to guess what it is. 
Last week’s puzzle was an interior pic of an AMC Sunchaser that was quickly solved by AMC savants Andrew Liss and Fleetwood T. Brougham, so this week I’m going to hit below the beltline and see who figures this one out first.  Just what am I anyway? Comments below. 


Good luck.

Update: This is a 1990 Dodge Power Ram Rod Hall Signature Edition Pickup, offered here on eBay currently bidding for $20,925 reserve-not-met with less than one day to go.  According to this Popular Mechanics snippet, the Signature Edition was the result of an alliance between Rod Hall and Carroll Shelby.  A number between 14 and 33 were built and sold because the off road capable suspension was not appreciated by the guys at NHTSA (who don’t like vehicles that feel like a weeble on the freeway) and most were recalled.  Congrats to William Robinson for solving the riddle.

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