What Am I? Green Machine Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “What Am I?” where we pic a random photo from a car for sale somewhere on the interwebs and let you guess what it is.  Today’s feature is green and mean, but far from lean.  What Am I?

Update with answer below.

Feel free to put in your guesses below and we’ll update the post later with the answer. 

Well that didn’t take long –4 minutes to be precise — Andy correctly guessed a 1971 Camaro, rottenland guessed a Camaromino (which would have been awesome…but alas, tis only a basic Camero) and an Anonymous correctly pointed out that it is ugly.

This 1971 Chevrolet Camaro covered in Mike Wazowski green could be a monster, but the seller does a good job trying to avoid putting the entire car in a single frame or taking a photo during the day.  This is one of the few times I’m going to recommend that seller takes his car to the gas station for a cell phone pic.

For only $12,500 this kermit impersonator can be yours.  See another candidate photo for a game of smell the finger What Am Itips@dailyturismo.com