What Am I: Blowfish Edition

Welcome to another edition of DT’s cure for the Sunday morning hangover that won’t make a body feel alone- What Am I?  In this better than drinking beer for breakfast game we find a random picture of a car from a interweb advertisement and you get to guess what kind of car it is.  Just what am I anyway? 

This car comes from a craigslist posting in SF Bay Area, CA with title Help……. Do you recognize this car?  The seller isn’t trying to sell the car, he is simply trying to figure out what it is!

Multiple pictures show a wreck of the car, but they don’t shine any more light on what this is — but it sort of resembles a Damiler SP250 with the fins removed.  A finless catfish.

The seller includes a link to more details on the car via ForgottenFiberglass website, under the name blowfish, but I would have called it catfish…

If anyone has any idea of what this might be or who might have built it, put in a comment below.