Welcome To The Updated DailyTurismo

It has been a few years since we’ve pushed any major changes to DailyTurismo website…but we’ve got some new stuff for all you car lovers in cyberspace including; a new and revamped website, a new commenting system, and that’s about it.

It has been a long two days of fighting WordPress themes and configuring DNS entries, but if you are reading this then you’ve got to the new site. Sorry for the lost comments from the past few days, but our pull of the data from the old site (8558 posts and almost 100,000 comments from July 2012-June 2020) happened on Thursday, so anything posted on Friday was lost in the migration. And some of the old posts look strange from formatting conversions…but we’ll sort them out with some time. Mobile performance and commenting should be much improved.

Hit us in the comments below and send any issues to tips@dailyturismo.com