Welcome To DailyTurismo

Welcome to the “DailyTurismo”.

This blog is a collection of the internet’s best daily drivers on the road for $5-15k.  These are not cars for car shows, internet poseurs, car flippers, HOV lane hogs or people without a sense of humor.  To qualify the cars will need to be “fun” and “cheap“.


To qualify as a Daily Turismo the car will need to be

1) Manual transmission

2) Rear wheel drive

3) Fast

Ok, ok, there will be cars on this site that deviate from the above list…BUT, it is the basic requirement for a ‘sports’ car.


New cars are entirely too expensive for working class folks.  I would love a brand new BMW M3 but at $60k I could buy an entire fleet of E36 M3s and still have money for gasoline.  However, we aren’t looking for basket cases and these are cars that can be driven every day to work.  These cars will most likely not be covered under a factory warranty and if you don’t mind pulling over to the side of the road to adjust a carefully placed paperclip inside your engine bay once or twice a week…then keep reading.

Cars will be broken into the following three groups:

5k:  Cars with asking prices from $2500 to $7499

10k: Cars with asking prices from $7500 to $12499

15k:  Cars with asking prices from $12500 to $17500


Disclaimer:  No guarantees, claims or contracts are implied or assumed by the dailyturismo for items advertised at this site or referred to from this site.  Buyer beware:  This site assumes no responsibility for any of the items for sale or referenced and does not assume any responsibility for any accuracy in the postings.See something you like?  See something you don’t like?  Need a ‘prison’ pen-pal?  Email us here:  tips@dailyturismo.com