Welcome Contributing Writer Gianni To DT

Long before we asked for new contributors, we’ve had our eye on Gianni, who has commented, tipped, and composed many DT features in the recent past.  Today, it my pleasure to announce that he is joining our ragtag group of internet pundits, two-stroke lovers, and armchair mechanics as a contributing writer.

Gianni joins the cast as an Alfa GTV owner (that is some serious street cred), a family man, a 2-stroke lover, and above all else a cheap car fan.  He brings with him some additional insight on vehicles that I’m not personally familiar with (bikes in particular, although CFlo has some experience with those 2-wheeled contraptions, my own experience is limited to a few miles on old Suzuki GS500 and a Yamaha FZ1) and this additional insight is exactly what DT needs.  Stay tuned as we have some additional contributors to add to the fracas, and if you want to join the team send us an e-mail.  tips@dailyturismo.com