VTEC Kicks In: 2000 Honda Prelude

I’ve never owned a Honda Prelude, but if I did buy one, it would be from the fifth and final generation (1996-2001). Many have been turned into Fast and Furious inspired hoopties, complete with coil over suspensions and fart can exhausts, but not today. Today we’ve got one with what appears to be the stock H22A that pushes 195 horsepower into the front wheels — and it wasn’t a slow car back around Y2K. But you don’t drive this car to win traffic light drags, you drive it to enjoy the snick-snick Honda shifter and the feeling when VTEC kicks in (yo). Find this 2000 Honda Prelude offered for $4,000 in San Diego, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

2000 Honda prelude
fuel: gas
odometer: 219000
title status: clean
transmission: manual

2000 Honda prelude manual with H22 Vtech motor.
Brand new: timing belt, gaskets, aluminum radiator, and axle.
Clean title, smogged last week and registered.
Possible trade for other car or motorcycle

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