Vintage SCCA Racer: 1983 Ford EXP

The Ford EXP (along with corporate twin Mercury LN7) was an attempt by Ford to turn the 5-seat Escort sedan in a CRX style 2-seater, except that Ford beat Honda to the showrooms by a model year.  Today the CRX is remembered as a lithe and fun to drive sport-compact known for reliability, tossability and ruggedness… the EXP… well, most people don’t remember the EXP. Find this 1983 Ford EXP ex-SCCA racer here on eBay bidding for $305 reserve-not-met located in Bothell, WA with 5 days to go.

From the get-go, this little EXP is telling a big fib.  First, it isn’t even an EXP; it came from the factory as the Mercury badge-engineered LN7, but that doesn’t really matter because the car was stripped of any identifying pieces when it was turned into an SCCA racer.  Custom 2.0 liter (up from 1.6 stock) inline-4, dry sump lubrication, weber cars, custom aspiration/exhaust, full cage, 5-speed transmission, fancy suspension, bigger brakes, fiberglass fenders/hood/hatch, Lexan rear window — the list goes on.

The real question is why did the seller take a dozen pictures of copies of photographs?  Why not take actual pictures of the car as it sits today?  You can see more pictures of copies in a listing.