Vintage 4-Door: 1960 Mercury Comet

The Mercury Comet was an up market version of Ford’s compact Falcon sedan but rode on a slightly longer wheelbase and had a nicer interior. The Comet was initially launched to be part of Ford’s Edsel lineup, but with the failure of the Edsel marque, the Comet was sent to the Mercury dealer with only Comet badging, and you’ll have to tell people that it is a Mercury. Find this 1960 Mercury Comet offered for $4000 in Washington, ME via faceberg zoidbook. Tip from Orlando.

From the seller:

1960 Mercury capri
Listed 47 minutes ago in Washington, ME
About This Vehicle
Driven 30,000 miles
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Turquoise · Interior color: Off_white
Fuel type: Gasoline
Good condition
Seller’s Description

1960 mercury comet. First year of the comet line. Car is in good shape. Runs drives fine. Has a new radiator last year and converted from a generator to alternator. Has the original engine in it and I have a spare that can go with it. Possible trades for other antique cars. Cash is king though.

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