V8 Hardtop: 1963 Mercury Marauder

You know the formula. It has been this way for years and I don’t care what decade you pick, this is guaranteed to be correct.  Here it is: 2 doors + big V8 + bench seats + NASCAR inspired roofline + column shifted auto + original teal green paint =  winner.  That simple.  Find this 1963 Mercury Marauder offered for 1963 Mercury Marauder here on eBay bidding for $12,601 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go, located in Elkhorn, NE.

The 1963 Mercury Marauder was released as a 2-door hardtop/fastback based on the full sized Ford platform shared with the Ford Fairlane/Galaxie & Mercury Monterey/Montclair/Park Lane.  It was an enormous piece of metal with a big Mercury shaped grill out front and vestigial tailfins receding into the fenders.

Powering the Marauder is a 390 FE V8 (the smallest available engine, the optional upgrade was a 406 or 427) rated at 300 horsepower and 427 ft-lbs of torque when equipped with a 4-bbl carburetor.  Power goes to a 3-speed Cruise-o-matic slushbox that will work just fine for cruising.

This was never designed to stop or turn quickly, so the original slippery bench seat will be just fine as long as you hang onto the steering wheel during any sudden changes in direction. 

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