V8 Custom: 1975 Ford Pinto

The poor Pinto.  Always the butt of every other car joke.  It was the Pontiac Aztec of the 1970s, the Rodney Dangerfield of the automotive world, the Bill Cosby of date rape jokes…but not today. This Pinto has drank its gallons of milk, eaten its Wheaties, and signed up for CrossFit classes…it’s all grown up now and ready to pummel all challengers (Camaros and Mustangs too!).  Find this 1975 Ford Pinto V8 Custom here on eBay bidding for $8,600 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go, located in Lakeland, FL.

The seller is a regular eBay seller who claims that this car was built into a V8 monster back in 1988, but it sat in a garage for years.  It has only recently come out of hiding and has only 800 miles on the odometer since the rebuild. 

Gone is the original wheezy 4-banger and in its place is a Ford 302 cubic inch V8 from a 1970 Torino that breathes through a mild cam and a 4-bbl Holley carb.  It isn’t the beefiest build in the garage, but it doesn’t need to make much more than 250 horsepower or so to make the little 2200 lb Pinto move like a thoroughbred.

The V8 is mated to a C-4 automatic transmission, which won’t give you the control you might want for a canyon carver…but who are you kidding…this is a 1975 Pinto and better suited to impressing the kids in the high school parking lot.  

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