Unintended Dieseleration: 1983 Audi 5000 TD

You probably know that Audi/Volkswagen diesels as the modern and fuel efficient machines that cheat on emissions tests, but there was a time when Audi was known for cars that accelerated without warning (warning that youtube link has the most awesome vintage commercials but you can also watch this awesome Audi PR film with an detailed rebuttal by Bobby Unser)…but these next two cars aren’t going anywhere fast. First they were equipped with an 84 horsepower 2.0 liter inline-5 turbocharged oil burner. It wasn’t as slow as the non-turbo cars from 1980-82, but after a few decades in a barn…these things are not going anywhere quickly. Find these 1983 Audi 5000 TD s (two of them) offered for $600 in Pittsfield, MA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1983 Audi 5000 TD
condition: good
cylinders: 5 cylinders
drive: fwd
fuel: diesel
paint color: brown
size: full-size
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
type: sedan
1983 Audi Turbo Diesels, Quantity 2, $600 or Best Offer

Very Rare Vehicle offered by Audi for only 1 year in 1983, one is rust free from Texas, one is a very rusty parts car.

Now the story.

My dad was German and loved VW and Audi. He loved it when VW came out with the Diesel Rabbits and Pickup trucks, but a wanted more luxury along with the diesel fuel economy. Then came the Audi 5000 Diesels that got 40 mpg. He test drove one, it was only available in a manual transmission and was a slug. Then came the 1983 Turbo Diesel available only with an automatic transmission that got 38 mpgs. He bought one in 1983 with 12,000 miles on it for $28,000.
Before he died, he lost his driving privileges and the vehicle sat outside so he could see it and I drove him around in it. It became very rusty and is now a parts car now with 43,418 miles.
I wanted to keep the tradition going and bought another one sight unseen in 2010 from Texas with 150,123 miles. Good vehicle with a folder 2 inches thick of maintenance done only at an Audi dealer. Only issue was it had some hail damage that was not told to me, not that still has all original Champagne metallic paint. There is a dent in the passenger side door that I cannot get a picture of because of tight quarters in the storage unit, repairable, does not need to be replaced. I was a little upset but it was 10 years ago, things were different with online sales back then.
Good news is it had an Audi factory rebuilt engine put in it at the dealer. I will find mileage in folder. I drove it occasionally for 2 years. I put a new front right wheel bearing and axel in it. The driver’s door key runs the vacuum actuated pump (located in trunk under the spare tire) door locks and truck lock, it failed and I found one of them new on EBay for $90 instead of dealer cost of $428. I put it storage before winter in 2012, just before storage it had new tires ( less than 800 miles on them ) and a new windshield.

Current status;

Dads vehicle (now parts vehicle) was put in storage year 2004.
I have a lot of new OEM spare parts my dad bought for his car. A case of air filters, several power window motors, a six foot long OEM exhaust system, struts, wheel bearings, rear brake drums, CV joints, alternator, factory service manual and would have to look in attic for more.
Yesterday I bought a correct fit brand new Interstate 900 CCA battery for $160 and went to revive the 2 vehicles. One is stored inside a storage unit in Pittsfield, MA the other in my friends owned rental house garage in Lee, MA. The Texas car is stored in my 30 x 10 storage , put away running great and the AC still worked with a current inspection sticker. The parts car was stored 12 years ago running perfectly just very rusty body panels.
The parts car with 43,418 miles on it started like it was started yesterday! Instantly it ran on all 5 cylinders without a skip! I was shocked beyond belief. Have a video of it running. The air cleaner is off because it needs to be removed to install the 30 pound 900 CCA battery!

The parts car is complete on the exterior other than the front windshield trim and retainer clips and front door handles. The new windshield installed on the Texas car required me to remove the windshield trim to acquire the rust free trim retainer clips as they are unavailable now. The front door handles break during cold freezing weather and are unavailable now unless found used from warm weather junk yards. The interior is stripped of window switches, turn signal stalk, basically most of Audi high failure rate interior items that are no longer available. Great parts car for engine and tranny because of the low mileage, but is still drivable onto a flatbed for relocation. Tires will hold air for a day but would not tow it with any wheels on the ground.

The Texas car would not start. Not sure if it is a glow plug issue or fuel supply issue. Will look into the problem.

I will give this ad/sale a month to complete, I cannot bear to Scrap such a rare vehicle but do not have the time to complete this mission and need the space in my storage unit and my friend is selling his rental house.

Clean Massachusetts Tiles for both. I also have copies of original Texas and New York titles before I registered the vehicles in my name.

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