Unicorn Hunters, Valentines Day Edition: Find $2k-$4k Car For Your Sweetie

Last week’s Unicorn Hunters feature netted us a few dozen fantastic examples of great $10-15k classic drivers and a bevy of great comments from our readers.  Today, we continue the quest for great cars, but with a Valentine’s Day twist.  Find us the best $2k-$4k car for your wife, girlfriend, internet mistress…etc.  I know, it is a bit much to spend on Valentine’s day compared to a dozen overpriced roses, but hey, she is worth it and puts up with your crap the other 364 days out of the year. 

Face it, diamonds are just pieces of dirt that have been compressed by gravity for millions of years and polished up with a grinder.  Frankly, all a ring is good for is looking at and maybe slicing open a package from amazon.com from time to time.  A 7-passenger Volvo wagon on the other hand…quite a few uses.

This 1987 Volvo 245 Wagon comes to us via a tip from Andrey and is offered for $2,650 in Alameda, CA via craigslist.  I can’t think of a better way to say I love you and thanks for taking care of those screaming kids all the time than by giving the love of your life a car where she can put the noisy kids REALLY far away in the back. 

What would you get for your loved one on St Valentines Day?   Comment below or tips@dailyturismo.com