Unicorn hUnters: Find It! Feed The Impulsive Side With A Good Piazza

A chill fills the air and all in the room are silent as the magic 8-ball has spoken.  For the premier installment of Unicorn hUnters: Ask,Find,Post the target vehicular unicorn is….the Giugiaro designed Isuzu Impulse, known by its worldwide name as the Piazza, (as requested by DT regular Andrew Liss.)  The specific request is for a 1991 Impulse RS Turbo AWD, but feel free to post in comments or email us any good examples you find, especially the earlier (1980-1990) rear-wheel-drive versions with suspension tuned by Lotus (1987+).  Now, go to your local craigslist, flea-market or kijijijiji and find us a good Impulse. Please!

image from sp00nix.com

Turn the Impulse drives up to warp seven and find us some good stuff!!  Comment below or email us at:  tips@dailyturismo.com

Don’t feel limited to the US cars only, we would love to see some examples from Japan, Australia, Middle East and the EU…et cetera.