Unicorn hUnters. Ask, Find, Post: What Do You Want?

Welcome to a special Daily Turismo feature of Unicorn hUnters, where together we ask, find and post the best examples or unique/rare/cool automobiles.  First we are going to ask you, our dear readers, for suggestions on a car that we should find.  Next we will post a winning “unicorn” car and ask our readers to find the best example around by posting in comments or sending us a link.  Finally we will post a selection of our favorite examples.  So, go ahead, what car(s) are you always looking for?

The idea for Unicorn hUnters ™ came from the ashes of our 50 cars in one day post.  We were able to find around 5 examples of Subaru SVX with swapped manual transmissions for sale, not through our own usual search channels, but because of the combined firepower of our dedicated, enthusiastic and heavily medicated fan base (that is you…is it time for the purple pill yet?)

For this first post it is simple – just add in the comments below what you are looking for, and don’t say a good daily driver between $5k-$15k…be specific.  Like a 2004-2009 Jaguar XJR, low miles, good shape for less than $15k.  We’ll pick one make/model/generation and put up another post later asking readers to help out.

Comments below.