Unicorn Horn Shifter: 2007 BMW 328iT Wagon

If you think we feature too many BMWs on the pages of Daily Turismo, rest assure it isn’t because we are closet BWM fanboys…no, it is because we are fully open about our BMW fanboyishness. It is simple, while other major luxury OEMs decided that the American market in the early 2000s only wanted slushbox equipped luxury sedans (Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Acura, Cadillac, etc), the guys over at BMW decided that perhaps some people wanted manual gearboxes, and wagons. Of course they will still only be offered in lame shades of white/black/grey, but at least getting a wagon with a stick is an option in BMW. Ultimately, BMW didn’t sell many of these (1 of 429 according to the seller) so you can’t buy a NEW BMW with a manual in a wagon body today (meh, don’t blame me, I don’t buy any new cars…oh…wait…maybe you can blame me…) but you can find used ones for sale, occasionally. Find this 2007 BMW 328iT Wagon offered for $13,500 in Napa County, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:

2007 bmw 328i
condition: good
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
fuel: gas
odometer: 208000
paint color: grey
title status: salvage
transmission: manual
type: wagon
For Sale 2007 BMW 328i E91 Manual Rear Wheel Drive Wagon

The time has come to move on from my wagon to focus on some of my other BMW projects.

Photo and Video Album:
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This car is not your typical BMW from the mid-2000s due to its extreme rarity. Nicknamed “Unicorn” by enthusiasts, this unique combination of the station wagon body, manual transmission, and rear-wheel drive accounted for only 429 examples sold in the United States. For reference, these unicorn wagons are rarer than the 501 BMW E30 Evolution II produced or the 1311 Ferrari F40’s that were produced. For this reason, the value of the car has increased and cannot be compared to other E91 models that are all-wheel drive (X Drive) or have an automatic transmission.

grassrootsmotorsports (dot) com/articles/unicorn-hunting-tracking-almost-mythical-manual-wa/

Production Date: 2006-09-15
Model: 328i
Series: E91
Engine: N52K 3.0L 231hp
Transmission: Manual
Color: Sparkling Graphite Metallic (A22)
Upholstery: Leather Dakota Terra (LCB8)

S431 Interior Mirror With Automatic-Dip
S430 Interior/Outside Mirror With Auto Dip
S488 Lumbar Support, Driver And Passenger
S4AD Interior Trim Strips, Brushed Aluminium
S481 Sports Seat
S402 Panorama Glass Roof
S441 Smoker Package
S459 Seat Adjustment, Electric, With Memory
S4NA Interior Mirror With Digital Compass
S6UH Traffic Information
S639 Preparation F Mobile Phone Cpl. USA/CDN
S645 BMW US Radio
S620 Voice Control
S609 Navigation System Professional
S694 Provisions For BMW 6 CD Changer
S693 Preparation BMW Satellite Radio
S676 HiFi Speaker System
5GA Preparation Alarm System
S522 Xenon Light
S520 Fog Lights
S507 Park Distance Control (PDC), Rear
S534 Automatic Air Conditioning
S563 Light Package
S524 Adaptive Headlights
S544 Cruise Control With Brake Function
S521 Rain Sensor
S226 Sports Suspension Settings
S2BG BMW Alloy Wheel, Double Spoke 161
S255 Sports Leather Steering Wheel
S249 Multifunction F Steering Wheel
S853 Language Version, English
S8SP Control Unit COP
S850 Dummy-SALAPA
S823 Hot-Climate Version
S319 Integrated Universal Remote Control
S845 Acoustic Fasten Seat Belt Reminder
S840 High Speed Synchronisation
S322 Comfort Access
S354 Windscreen, Green-Tinted Upper Strip
S818 Battery Master Switch
S386 Roof Railing
S876 Radio Frequency 315 MHz

Starting in for 2007 models the N52 engine was updated to the N52K which included modifications in the following areas:
• Cylinder head cover
• Camshafts
• Crankshaft
• Stem diameter of exhaust valves increased to 6 mm instead of 5 mm
• Torsional vibration damper
• Crankcase ventilation
• Hot-film air mass meter (HFM)
• Throttle valve
• Digital motor electronics

Hopefully, now you are able to see the rarity and value that this car has and are interested in the specifics of this particular example. Powered by BMW’s last great in-line 6-cylinder engine, the N52, the car smoothly accelerates with ease and is deceptively quick due to how effortlessly it glides across the road. If you know anything about the N52 motor, you know that it is an incredibly reliable engine and it has lifter ticking problems. Many low mileage examples of the N52 motor are known to especially suffer from lifter ticking due to the oil draining from the head when not driven for long periods of time. This car has had the best maintenance program available for a BMW, being routinely driven. Many buyers tend to fear higher mileage cars due to a worry or fear that the car is only a short drive down the street from catastrophic failure, however, that could not be farther from the truth for a car that has built on 40 years of inline 6 engine history. Well taken care of models, such as this, are only getting started at 200k miles. The interior shows some signs of wear in the typical spots, however, it does not look like much over 200k miles. The feel of the car is not one that is 13 years old.

I have owned the car for over a year and I have performed preventative maintenance during my ownership. The salvage title is from the insurance auction that I purchased the vehicle from. I purchased the car with very minor damage to the rear suspension that I was able to easily fix. Upon a close inspection, you can see some small scuffs on the rear bumper and a minor scratch on the wheel that remain from the collision. There are some parking lot dings and scratches on the doors too. These have no mechanical bearing and depending on the type of owner can either be left the way they are or fixed.

Since I took ownership of the vehicle I have performed a plethora of maintenance and upgrades that have allowed the vehicle to be completely ready for a new owner to drive the car for many more miles to come. Some of my favorite features include the sport suspension and seats, panoramic sunroof (perfect for lying on the folded back seats and star gazing), rear parking sensors (helps know exactly where the back of the car is when parking), and the vented cup holder in the center console.

Spark plugs changed
Battery wires connected

Redline D4 ATF 2 Quarts
Transmission fluid changed
Castrol synthetic 75w-90 1 Quart
Differential fluid changed
Total quartz 5w-30 6 Quarts
Engine oil changed
Front and rear brake pads changed
Front and rear pad sensor changed
Brake fluid flushed
PDC fixed
Trunk carpeting replaced
Cabin air filter cleaned
Intake air filter cleaned
Front windshield wipers replaced
Headlight restoration
Battery secured
RL Suspension fixed

Mothers headlight restoration
UV film over headlights

CSF 7001 aluminum radiator installed
Complete coolant flush
Washer fluid topped off
Date and time set

Service reset
LR Dust shield rubbing fixed
Engine Bay cleaned
Plastic engine cover washer added

Wash, polish, shine,wax
Wheels and tires cleaned
Interior Cleaned

Gloss black kidney grille installed

Brake and light inspection

Ordered expansion tank + top hose

Expansion tank and top hose replaced and distilled water added

LED fog lights
LED side markers
LH cup holder replaced

Start-stop button swapped

Tailgate wiring fixed (very common for these and the E61 wagons to pinch the wiring for the tailgate due to the high range of motion of the tailgate right at the rubber boot at the top of the tailgate. The wiring was causing the tailgate to malfunction, so I repaired the broken wire so the tailgate should be good for another 200k miles of opening and closing the tailgate)

Over the course of ownership, I have driven the car about 5000 miles and never once been left stranded on the side of the road. The car has no signs of excessive rust or leaks and is a very impressive display of the E90 generation 3-series, even without mentioning its rarity. Previous owner lived in San Jose so the car has been a California car for much of its life to my knowledge. Since the reveal of the newest 3 and 4 series, the value of the E90 generation has gone up due to the questionable styling. The E90 generation of 3 series is a modern classic that still looks right at home with brand new 2021 models.

Now onto the negatives. The car is definitely not without flaw, and it shows its higher mileage in some places, but overall is a very clean car.
Salvage Title
208k miles
Scratches and small dents (see pictures)
Interior trim scratches
iDrive sometimes takes a while to turn on (was told by a shop that this is very common for these systems and could be replaced for a few hundred dollars)

The car also comes with a rare rear privacy cover that retails at around $400 that has a broken, but repairable, plastic tab. Much cheaper than buying a new privacy cover. Will also come with a small box of spare parts, including an oil filter, original fender lights and original chrome kidney grilles. The cooling system has been updated with a CSF performance radiator and new expansion tank.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you would like, I am more than happy to accommodate any concerns you may have about the vehicle and am a BMW enthusiast myself (I own three of them at the moment). I know the rarity of this car and I am not in a rush to sell; I would like to see this car go to the right owner that will enjoy the car the way that I have been able to. The car has just had all DMV fees and registration paid and is 100% road legal and I have dealt with all of the hassles of the salvage title so you don’t have to. I have the pink slip in hand. Car passed smog this year and has current plates. I am listing this car across many platforms but, if the listing is posted then the car is available. I am asking for $13,500 obo. If you are on the fence about the car, shoot me an offer; the worst I can say is no and I am willing to work things out. I have an offer of $8,000 to fall back to so I will definitely not take anything less than that.

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