Twin Engine: 1953 International Rat Rod

If you’ve got an old car with an inline-6 engine up front the easy route to making power is to replace it with an number of domestic V8s…but the easy way isn’t the DT way…no sir…NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT!  The DT way to do things is to take your non-crossflow inline-6 and add another engine side-by-side — then connect the 12 cylinders with a Rube Goldberg set of pulleys/belts and burn rubber all the way to the bank.  Find this 1953 International Rat Rod here on eBay bidding for $5,000 reserve-not-met located in Pell City, AL with 3 days to go. Tip from FuelTruck.


From the seller:

53 International ratrod truck with two 230 6 cylinders turbo 350 transmission belt driven all tube chassis  Chevy dually rear end with 4;88 gears chain driven steering

See another car where adding an engine IS the replacement for displacement?