Tupperbox 3 of 12: 1992 Saturn SC

This next car is number 3 of 12 in a special feature we are doing inspired by a vintage Car and Driver article that covered cars offered for new in 1992 for less than $10k and had air conditioning, a rear defroster, and an AM/FM radio. These economy cars compact economy cars were ranked by a random group of college kids and this is number 3. Today’s car isn’t the cheap as dirt SL sedan, but it is the SC coupe. Both were made from Rubbermaid, but the coupe was “sportier”. Today’s SC has less than 40k miles and looks strangely in super nice shape. Find this 1992 Saturn SC offered for $6,999 in Denver, CO via autotrader.com

Who’d have thought that you could find a one-owner Saturn SC that was only driven 1300 miles per year for sale on AutoTrader. Slushbox or not, this car would bring HUGE money at one of those stupid online auction sites, but let’s not let that happen. Friends don’t let friends bring their trailer. Buy it. Drive it. Sell it for a reasonable amount of money and stop treating cars like beanie babies.

See a better way to drive something 30 years old that should be junk but isn’t? tips@dailyturismo.com