Troglodyte: 1930 Ford Model A Racecar

The Ford Model A was the successor to Ford’s famous Model T – and at one time littered the American automotive landscape like cockroaches at a food truck festival.  Ford sold a
staggering 4.8 million of these little runabouts between
1927 and 1931 in an array of styles including panel vans, fordor sedans,
roadsters, pickups, roadster-pickups and coupes.  Today’s next feature is built from the front half of a Model T touring, but uses the chassis/engine of a Model A: Find this 1930 Model A Ford Racecar offered for $8,500 in Taunton, MA.

The seller is listing the car exclusively with pictures taken at TROG — The Race of Gentlemen, which is the ultimate crossover of gearheads and hipsters.  Think 24 Hrs of LeMons, but adding manicured mustaches, pour-over oil filters, skinny racing pants, PBR on ice, Lisa Loeb eyeglasses, and constantly taking pictures of every single thing they do…to later post on imgur.  It looks like a smashing good time!

This thing with the Indian (Native ‘Murican?) on the side is powered by a Model A engine with a Snyder’s 6:1 head, Tattersfield single downdraft intake manifold, and Mallory ignition.  The seller didn’t build it to be road legal, but it probably could be registered with a few headlights/windshield if your local DMV checks for those kind of things.

See a better way to start your hipster racing career?