Total Crap or Totally Cool? 1989 Chrysler TC Maserati

Tip and intro words by Rod444 —  Ok it’s not a whole lot different than a K car of the same era but how many people can say they own a Maserati convertible for 3500? This is one of those cars that should not have been advertised with top on, as  the proportions and style become considerably more attractive with it off (same as my wife).  Find this 1989 Chrysler TC Maserati offered for $3,500 in Anthem, AZ via craigslist.

The interior is hand stitched leather although for some reason the color reminds me of a baby pablum and not the good smelling stuff either. Other than that it’s definitely a ‘special interest’ vehicle, although collecting empty baby pablum jars is a special interest too and I’m not sure how many people are into that.

 Thanks for the 411 on this pile of parts thing Mr Rod444. 

See a better way to drive something with some Italian flair?