To Catch a Thief – What Am I?

If you live in CA you know that mail theft is a real issue here.  Our neighborhood (San Diego area) is no more or less immune than other neighborhoods.  Last night one of the neighbors security cams caught a car that was driving on the wrong side of the street in front of their house.  Their mail had been stolen.  So had the mail of several neighbors.  Instead of the usual “What Am I?” where we KNOW what it is when we post it, could you help identify this car as it would help us possibly catch the perpetrator.

The first picture (above) shows the car as it starts to cross the center line and the next picture shows the car as it gets closer to their mailbox.

It appears somewhat distorted as the rooflines look elongated.  In the top photo it appears to be a two door, with a roofline much like a Saturn Coupe, but the second photo has what could be a door handle or a reflection just below the rear window.

Feel free to post whatever you think it might be with a picture link below.