TigeR4: 1962 Triumph TR4 V8

The Triumph TR4 was a small sports car built from 1961 through 1964 with Giovanni Michelotti (Standard, Triumph , Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, DAF/Volvo trucks) styling and a basic tractor engine.  It is an iconic British sportscar that will be trounced by a new Nissan Altima at a traffic light, so why not buy one with a Ford V8 shoved under the bonnet.  Find this 1962 Triumph TR4 V8 offered for $9,500 in Yuma, AZ via craigslist. Tip from John S.

 A TR4 for a Ford V8 is about as close as you’ll get to a Sunbeam Tiger or a Shelby Cobra without dropped serious coin on those highly sought after models.  Skip the coin/stamp/beanie-baby collection frenzy of the factory V8 cars and enjoy the nutty acceleration of this thing.

Up front is a 289 cubic inch Ford V8, borrowed from a 1967 Mustang.  Depending on the donor vehicle it  could have anything from 200 horsepower to 271 horsepower (in the HiPo model), but with a few small changes the 289 can easily produce 300 horsepower.  Some of the fun will be hampered by the automatic gearbox mated to the rear wheels, but it would be easy to fit a toploader 4speed in its place.

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