Thursday Twister: Unstable

The What Am I? feature from this week was a particularly dastardly image from the front of a Felber Autoroller T 400 — which isn’t a steam roller or a cuticle trimmer, but a 3-wheeler built in Vienna that fits two adult and one baby panda, but that’s not imporant.  What is important is that it’s a three wheeler and for today’s Thursday Twister we are going to name ALL of the 3-wheelers.

I will kick this list off with the Felber T400 and let you guys finish it off!  Name all of the factory 3-wheelers!

1. Only one car per comment (be sure to hit the refresh button on your
browser before you post in case someone else has posted since you loaded
the page).  Do not nest the replies, just reply to the main post — if
you reply to someone else’s comment it should be in reference to his
comment and not another submission.

2. The contest will end in on Sunday, Nov 15, 2015.

3. One submission per make/model.

4. Minimum production of 100 examples.

5. No anonymous submissions — pick a name with the Name/URL dropdown.