Thursday Twister: The Ultimate $9k Challenge

Welcome to a very special Thursday Twister — and the ultimate test of your junkyard IQ.  Are you a cheap car savant or just another joker who gets fleeced by slimy used car dealers?  Put these 9 cheap cars in order from cheapest to most expensive (based on asking price) to find out.

These 9 cars are all advertised around the US for less than $9,000.  One is sub $999, another is between $1,000 to $1,999, the next is between $2,000 and $2,999….et cetera.  They are all manual gearbox cars and they are all currently for sale — and these are not bidding prices, these are asking prices.  You need to put them in order of their asking prices in the comments below.  A few more details about each car.

The Vette is a C4 with LT1 and 6-speed, but it is pretty ugly and has a huge Punisher sticker on the back glass.

The 300ZX has been off the road since 2010 and needs some body work, but it runs/drives with no smoke and shifts in all gears.

The B5 Passat is going to need a new thermostat per the seller before you get it on the road…but if you believe that I have a bridge you might be interested in buying too.

The M3 has a few aftermarket go-fast goodies on it, and there are some problems, including a non-functioning sunroof and no AC.

The Model A was restored by the seller’s father 15 years ago and it has been in a garage since, but it runs/drives nicely and has been converted to 12 volt electrics.

The Sunbeam Rapier is a strange one to find on these shores.  It runs/drives and has new paint, but the seller criptically mentions (in ALLCAPS) NEEDS SOME TLC ONLY.

The 240D runs/drives well and has less than 300k miles on the odometer…and look at that interior.  Yummy.

The MG TD is actually a Volkswagen based kit car and will need some restoration before you drive around like a boss.

The 122S Amazon has some rust, and needs the cooling system replaced, but the seller has all the parts (thermostat, radiator, etc) and the car runs/drives.

Now, you get to put them in order of cheapest to most expensive.










Good luck!