Thursday Twister: Tow-baggan

Welcome back to another episode of The Twister, a quiz with a
twist. We find some random object on eBay/craigslist/eHarmony and you
get to figure out how to make it better.  Today’s twister subject is a used Snowcoach by Quinox found here on eBay for $2,599 buy-it-now or make offer located in Gaylord, MI.

Hunsbloger takes over: 

Is it me, or does this thing need a ski in the front and a v8 swamp rig to push it?!

Or is it awaiting a starring role in some Disney-esque slapstick scenes of it coming loose and watching it careen down a mountain over/through all kinds of things from the family dining at the ski lodge outdoor picnic table to the mandatory run through the slalom course in the middle of the world cups to the usual over the top of the building and across pond only to end up in a pile of snow in the parking lot with the rumpled occupant emerging with nothing more than the frizzed out hair some wild expression on their face and a face plant as they try to walk, only to have the large dog lick their face?!

What would you do with this thing?