Thursday Twister: Pillar Handles

Welcome back to another episode of the Thursday Twister,
DT’s quiz feature dedicated to obscure and trivial trivia.  Pay attention, and you might learn something.  This week, we are going to compile a list of cars with door handles on the pillars, A or B. For example, the rear door handles on the Nissan Juke.

The Nissan Juke may be a bizarre looking little freak of a mini-SUV (although the Juke-R version has some promise) it has cool rear door handles mounted high up so that the kids who are most likely to need regular access to the back can’t open their own doors.  Great job Nissan. 

Standard contest rules are as follows: 

1. Only one car per comment (be sure to hit the refresh button on your
browser before you post in case someone else has posted since you loaded
the page).  Do not nest the replies, just reply to the main post — if
you reply to someone else’s comment it should be in reference to his
comment and not another submission.

2. You can post again, but only after someone else posts another car.  (Rule 2 Abrogated for the summer.)

3. The contest will end in on Sunday, Sept 13, 2015.

4. One submission per make/model.

5. Each car must be a production model.

6. No anonymous submissions — pick a name with the Name/URL dropdown.