Thursday Twister: Odd Gadgets

2016 was a fantastic year for odd gadgets…if you are into that kinda thing. Notable improvements to the human condition include the Welt — a wearable smart belt that tracks your waist size or the Sensorwake — an alarm clock that wakes you with the scent of fresh seaside, chocolate or grass (cigarette smoke and bile both narrowly missed the cut, but might be in the next generation model). But weird stuff has always existed and for today’s Thursday Twister, I am going to ask for the strangest car gadgets on the planet.

Few things are stranger than items identified as such by the legendary K2 Mystery Car — so I’ll kick off this list with the awesome Skid Master single vehicle road sander.  This is the bearded Spock universe Spy Hunter accessory because it dumps traction friendly sand onto the road behind you.

What do you think is the coolest/oddest car gadget from any era?