Thursday Twister: Not In Detroit

Welcome back another edition of the Thursday Twister,
DT’s weekly quiz show where we are building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. Today we are going to identify all the US auto manufacturers who were NOT based in the Detroit area; get it wrong and we will send you to Detroit!!

Zimmer Motorcars Corporation was (is?) a custom car manufacturer based out of Syracuse, NY and Cambridge, MD.  The retrostyled oddballs may have been based on production vehicles, but the zany styling is enough to make it an OEM in my book.

Now we make a list of all non-Detroit OEMs.

Standard contest rules are as follows: 

1. Only one OEM per comment (be sure to hit the refresh button on your
browser before you post in case someone else has posted since you loaded
the page).  Do not nest the replies, just reply to the main post — if
you reply to someone elses comment it should be in reference to his
comment and not another submission.

2. You can post again, but only after someone else posts another car.  (Rule 2 Abrogated for the summer.)

3. The contest will end in on Sunday, July 19th, 2015.

4. One submission per OEM, must include non Detroit headquarters location.

5. Each car must be for a company that created running/driving cars (no clay model prototypes) and
at least two must have been built (no one-offs). 

6. No anonymous submissions — pick a name with the Name/URL dropdown.

Ready….Set…send them to Detroit!