Thursday Twister: Movie Chase Car

It is Thursday… or post-hump-but-not-fri-day as it is known all around the globe — but that means it is time for DT’s weekly spleen pain causing quiz, the Thursday Twister.  Time to ignore that enlarged vestigial glands and focus on finding the best car for a movie chase.  You pick the car, you pick the movie.

Nothing makes a better combination in a car chase like a big floppy chassis and a torque crazy V8 — and who better to drive than Mr Bruce Wayne in his black tights. My movie chase car is this 1976 Chevrolet Corvette Batmobile here on eBay offered for $17,500 located in Philadelphia, PA.  The chase starts with Batman chasing after the Joker, but of course the Joker is going to blow up the Batmobile with some crazy weapon and then Batman needs to engage in hand-to-face combat, but we’ll get there later.