Thursday Twister: Motoguzzi Mulo Meccanico

Welcome back to another episode of The Twister, a quiz with a
twist. We find some random object on eBay/craigslist/wikipedia and you
get to figure out how to make it better.  Today’s twister subject a sweet Motoguzzi Mulo Meccanico offered for $19,000 in Chicago, IL.  Tip from Steve.

 This isn’t some custom trike (and I do love a good custom hacked up thing…) this was an actual thing used in World War II by the Italians when they were fighting on the side of the Axis.

 It comes with these sweet tracks, which means you can turn it back into a troop carrier for your next bad weather invasion…which is exactly what I would do with it.

What would you do with this thing?